RUNCL Fishing Spinning Reel 11kg Max Drag 5.2:1 High Speed Metal Spool Saltwater Reel carp fishing lightweight Fishing Send Line

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Product Detail

RUNCL MERCED Spinning Reel

Reel Model:2000,3000,4000,5000

Gear Ratio:5.2:1(2000,3000); 4.9:1(4000,5000)

Ball Bearing:10+1

Max Drag:18.7LB(2000,3000); 24.3LB(4000,5000)

Carbon Fiber Washers:3pcs(2000,3000); 5pcs (4000,5000)

IPT (in per turn):28.3in(2000),30.2in (3000),31.5in (4000),33.9in (5000)

Net Weight:8.3oz(2000),8.9oz(3000),12.1oz(4000),12.5oz(5000)

Package Included

1pc Fishing Reel;

1pc Instructions;

Original box packing;

Entire sealed drag system

Offers exceptional protection foe effortless drag pressure & smooth engagement

Highly-Efficient Smooth Operation

Features 10+4 HPCR (High Precision Corrosion Resistant) ball bearings, NCTM (No Clearance Transmission Mechanism) solid zinc alloy pinion gears, high-purity strengthened brass drivetrain, high strength stainless steel main shaft, and multi-disc drag system, deliver smooth and balanced performance that anglers of all levels can appreciate

Multi-Disc Drag System

Fitted with multi-disc drag system, offers effortless drag pressure and smooth engagement, ensures this reel will be bringing big fish to your boat for years to come

3 carbon fiber washers in size 2000 and 3000

5 carbon fiber washers in size 4000 and 5000

10+1 HPCR Ball Bearings

(HPCR: High Precision Corrosion Resistant)

Unmatched CNC Line Management

The CNC line management system is consisted with CNC-machined aluminum alloy spool, premium bail wire, and built-in slow oscillation system, delivers the line smoothly into the line roller for consistent and reliable line lay on the spool, produces ultra-long, highly-accurate casts so you can cover water more efficiently and quickly

Braid-Ready Spool

Constructed with metal braid grip on the spool, which is angler friendly and ready to prevent braid from slipping, you will never have to bother tying a monofilament backing or tape to the spool any more

Stylish Hollow Out Design

The vented CNC-machined 2-tone aluminum alloy spool and the high strength nylon hollow out rotor with metallic coating, add stylish and significantly reduce the weight of the spinning reel without sacrificing strength and durability



Gear Ratio

5.2:1(2000,3000); 4.9:1(4000,5000)


Lightweight Fishing Spinning Reel

Max Drag(KG)

8.5KG(2000,3000); 11KG(4000,5000)

Max Drag(LB)

18.7LB(2000,3000); 24.3LB(4000,5000)

Ball Bearing


Reel Model


Produce Name

RUNCL MERCED Spinning Reel

Baits Type

Fake Bait

Spool Capacity

2000 Series, 3000 Series, 4000 Series, 5000 Series

Fishing Reels Type

Pre-Loading Spinning Wheel

Fishing Method


Model Number






Brand Name


Fishing for

Salmon ; Carp ;Small perch and so on

18 reviews for RUNCL Fishing Spinning Reel 11kg Max Drag 5.2:1 High Speed Metal Spool Saltwater Reel carp fishing lightweight Fishing Send Line

  1. Branda Goshorn

    Spool is not for salt water
    Bearings are not sealed
    Bad plastic body termination.
    Good quality aluminum coil and handle

  2. Eleri Barnes

  3. Valtena Amodei

    I liked the coil, the Lufts are minimal, there is something to compare with, the stroke is light, the winding is good, I will add to the loops after fishing, I, I Until I opened it, later. I recommend. took on 4000 for spinning the size corresponds to the weight of 300g. With kopecks is heavy. Handle, spool, part of the body is metal.

  4. Gage Edmonds


  5. Kathi Okamura

  6. Gayla Tincher

  7. Lisabeth Brennen

  8. Germain Beaumont

  9. Rosalie Robertson

  10. Debbie Tanner

  11. Sigmund Bruckmann

  12. Maariya Kramer

  13. Finn Junkermann

  14. Cindi Mcfarlin

    Beautiful Reel looks good quality, when test inform, arrived very fast, recommend the supplier.

  15. Jaqueline Phipps

  16. Ted Basye

  17. Dieter Krist

  18. BenoƮt Cortot

    Beautiful fishing reel, exactly as I imagined.