ALLBLUE CRAFTY 130SF Fishing Lure 130mm 27.5g Wobbler Slow Floating Minnow Longbill Crankbait Pike Plastic Bait Fishing Tackle

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The ALLBLUE CRAFTY 130SF might look like a deep diving jerkbait, but it actually fishes more like a tight wobbling crankbait. Perfect for targeting that 2.5-3M depth range where most of the trophy-sized bass and pike live.

The CRAFTY 130SF was painstakingly crafted to replicate the actions of real fish, which spend the majority their lives tentatively swimming short distances, pausing, and always looking before making another move.

DescribFeaturing an advanced weight transfer system that allows the CRAFTY 130SF to cast like a bullet, it also helps it maintain a tight wiggling, swimming action, while keeping it from darting or gliding too far off to the side.e the details of the selling point above, attracting and providing trust to your potential users.

The weight transfer system also shifts the balance of the bait during short pauses, causing the CRAFTY 130SF to slowly float up, headfirst, giving it the illusion of a weak or wounded baitfish.

The bill on the CRAFTY 130SF is engineered to keep the bait tracking at about a 60-degree angle to the bottom, which greatly reduces snags by making the tail pendulum forward when it comes in contact with snags and allows the bait to easily slide over and out of impediments.

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20 reviews for ALLBLUE CRAFTY 130SF Fishing Lure 130mm 27.5g Wobbler Slow Floating Minnow Longbill Crankbait Pike Plastic Bait Fishing Tackle

  1. Shanda Gatling

    On the photo all answers

  2. Alfredo Lamanna

    There are no complaints about manufacturing. The rest of the water will show. Vobler’s good.

  3. Aamir Boyd

    The order came surprisingly quickly. Weeks for 3. really liked .. I’ll try. Recommend. Well done. Sent at once.

  4. Efan Wharton

    The quality is excellent, the painting is super, fornitura is also a cool, well can only the thickness of the provolki tees of A. A., it was possible to put A. A. A., but. 5 Minu tried to unhook, then at the maximum a little warm up the tee and the Wobbler is saved… score for the ingress.

  5. Lisabeth Brennen

    Good wobbler! Very long delivery to RB-almost 3 months.

  6. Moriya Masanobu

    All OK. Let’s see how it works.

  7. Tandy Hoyte

    Such as description I arrive before a month seems of good quality I will try and leave comments

  8. Klemens Totleben

    Very fast delivery, in just 8 days! All in individual boxes. Quality is excellent!!

  9. Nour Hartman

    Good quality,fast delivery…thank you,M

  10. Jaqueline Phipps

    Great lures. Good qulity

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    Fast shipping!

  12. Kemberly Roza

    All Hood, delivery bullet, to the Ryazan region. 2 weeks, we are waiting for the season!!!

  13. Miriam Perry

    The product came quickly, I recommend the seller.

  14. Lakisha Mullenix

    Спасибо за быструю отправку, качество воблеров хорошее,буду проверять по уловистости.

  15. Niam Mullins

    Доставка в Тверь 2.5 недели. Качество на высоте! Покрашено качественно. Петли все пролиты. Крючки острые. СДЗ нет. Шарики мелкие присутствует. На пузе все характеристики, что очень информативно. Скоро опробуем на большой воде. Продавца рекомендую!

  16. Emma Carra

    Excellent Quality. Fast Shipping and very Good packaging

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